2019 SUSC Tournament Rules

Tournament Coordinator:  Lori Heggstrom

Phone: 306-612-3226

Tournament Venue:
SaskTel Sports Centre
(150 Nelson Road)
(Click Here for Map)

Tournament Entrance: Entrance will be unlocked ½ hour prior to the first game each morning. Please use North entrance and park in the NW parking lot or across the street at Forest Park.

Download Tournament Rules (PDF) (updated Feb 11, 2020)

General Information
There will be an admission charged for spectators (over the age of 18) of $5.00 per day or $10.00 for a weekend pass. Three complimentary passes ONLY for coaching staff will be available at Headquarters with your team package.  Further passes will need to be purchased.
  1. Please insure you have your player I.D. cards or proof of age (health card) while you are at the tournament. They may be requested at HQ prior to your first game or at a game by a referee.
  2. First Aid will be on hand the entire weekend.
  3. Player rosters will be at headquarters, and will require a confirmation signature from a team official.
    YOUR ROSTER MUST BE SUBMITTED no later than Jan 31, 2020 to caleb.lori@sasktel.net
    You MUST indicate your approved guest players on this form.  No guest players will be approved after Jan 31, 2020.
  4. All updates, schedules, standings, bulletins and other important information can be found on the tournament webpage: www.susctournament.ca
  5. Dressing Rooms are supplied to each team.  Your dressing room number can be found on the white board behind the admissions desk.  They are labelled by Field, game time and team name.  Staff at the admissions desk will supply you a room key in exchange for your car keys.  It is highly recommended that you lock the room during your game.  Sasktel Sports Centre or SUSC are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.  Please return the keys immediately after your game
  6. Footwear
    • Hard court (Family Focus) – Indoor shoes or clean runners
    • Field turf (Kavia, Trail Appliance, Sherwood Chevrolet) – Outdoor cleats or indoor shoes


I.  Pool

a) Each team is guaranteed three (3) games.

b) Age divisions with three (3) teams will play one (1) game against each team within its pool. The top team after round robin will advance to the Final. The remaining two (2) teams will play a semi-final game, with the winner advancing to the Final.

c) Age divisions with four (4) teams will play one (1) game against each team within its pool. The top teams after round-robin will advance to the Final.

d) Age divisions with six (6) teams will be split into two (2) pools of three (3). Each team in Pool A will play each team in Pool B. The top two (2) teams overall after round-robin will advance to the Final.

e) Age divisions with seven (7) teams will be split into two (2) pools. Teams in Pool A cross over to play teams in Pool B. The two best teams will advance to the finals, regardless of the pool.
**** The teams in Pool B will play four (4) games. The game against the last place team in Pool A will not count towards the standings.

f) Age divisions with eight (8) teams will be divided into two (2) pools. Each Pool will play one game against each team within its pool. The top team in Pool A and the top team in Pool B after round robin play will advance to the final.

ll.  Group Ranking

Pool Earnings (3 Points = Win, 1 Point = Tie, 0 points = Loss)

In the event of a default, the game shall be awarded to the team defaulted against. If two or more teams have an equal number of points, the following rules, in the following order, shall be used to determine final standings.

a) Previous match results - the winner of the match between two teams tied in points shall be awarded the higher position.

b) Goal Difference - subtract total goals allowed from total goals scored. In calculating the goal difference, a maximum difference of five will be allowed for any one game.

c) Least Goals Against - the team with the least goals against shall be awarded the higher position.

d) Penalty Shots - If two or more teams are still tied under criteria (a) through (c), then the higher standing shall be decided by kicks taken from the penalty mark as per SYSI Indoor Rules. The Tournament Committee shall decide on a suitable time, date and place for the taking of kicks from the penalty mark.

III.  Overtime Periods

1. In the event of a tie during group competition, no overtime will be played and each team will be awarded 1 point for a tie.

2. In the event of a tie during semi-final competition, no overtime shall be played. The game shall go directly to penalty kicks to determine a winner.

3. There will be TWO five (5) minute overtime halves played in any final game. (NO GOLDEN GOAL). Both halves will be played in their entirety. If still tied, the game shall go to penalty kicks

IV.  Playoff Procedures

1.  The top team or top two teams in each group (depending on the particular schedule) will advance to the championship side of playoff.

2.  It is the responsibility of the team officials to determine if the team advances to the playoffs. Information will be available at Tournament Headquarters.

V.  Game Procedures

1.  Except as otherwise provided here, the tournament rules shall be the Saskatoon Youth Soccer “Indoor Rules”.

U11, U13 Division 2 & 3 and U15 & U17 Division 3 may play on both surfaces.

  • ensure players have appropriate footwear.

2.  Following SYSI Indoor Rules:

  • All U11 games are played 6v6 (5+ keeper)
  • All U13 Division 2 and Division 3 games are played 6v6(5+keeper)
  • All U13 Premier games are played 9v9 (8+keeper)
  • All U15 Premier and Division 2 games are played 9v9 (8+keeper)
  • All U15/U17 Division 3 games are played 6v6 (5+Keeper)
  • All U17/19 Premier and Division 2 games are played 9v9 (8+ keeper)

3. The first team listed in the schedule is the Home team.  All Players MUST wear proper equipment (shin guards, soccer socks, appropriate footwear)

4.  The Home team must have an alternate jersey and be prepared to change, if in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict. The alternate uniforms to be used must be numbered.

5.  Please leave the field and team areas clean after each game. No garbage, bottles or personal effects are to be left on the field or in the dressing rooms. The soccer centre may fine those teams that leave the dressing room a mess.

6.  Game balls will be provided by SUSC.

7.  Tournament Headquarters is located upstairs at the SaskTel Sports Center. Each team coach/manager is asked to report to Tournament Headquarters 30 minutes before game time to check to make sure their game sheet is correct.

8.  A team without the required minimum players: (4) for 6v6; and minimum (6) players 9v9, on the field at 10 minutes past the scheduled game time will default.

9.  Note: there are no boards in the facility. All games are played as outdoor, with lines marking area of play and areas for Corner Kicks. Corner kicks are taken from the marked area.

10.  There is no offside for the 6v6 game, but offside rules are in effect 9v9 games as per SYSI indoor rules.

11.  All players/coaches must stay off of the Terry Fox Walking Track (except to cross from dressing room to field. It is reserved for paying patrons and is not available for use by soccer teams.

VI.  Discipline

1.  Discipline matters will be dealt with at the SUSC Tournament Headquarters. Any player involved in a discipline matter will be required to report to Tournament Headquarters within one hour of completion of the game.
Failure to appear will result in suspension from the tournament.

2.  Discipline matters are as follows:

a)  Ejection from a game (one red or two yellow cards) results in an automatic one game suspension and a hearing.

b)  A second yellow card during the tournament is subject to review and may be subject to a hearing.

c)  Three (3) yellow cards in the tournament will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension and a hearing.

d)  A report by a tournament official.

e)  Spitting on turf or sports court is not allowed. Players disregarding this rule can/will be “dismissed” (verbally, without showing a red card) by the referee.

f)   “Dismissed” player will have to leave the field/premises just like an ejection (red card). The team will have the possibility of replacing the player “dismissed” without playing shorthanded.

g)  A misconduct report will be filled out by the referee, so the player in question must report to the Tournament Headquarters for a Disciplinary Hearing. (within one hour of completion of the game)

Reports of such behavior by players, parents or team officials will be dealt with severely. Carding offenses involving foul and abusive language will result in the offending player being ejected from the tournament.

VIII.  Protests

1.  No protests will be heard on any judgment calls by the referee.

2.  Protests will be allowed on eligibility or other technical matters. All decisions by the referee are final.

3. Protests, problems or complaints will be dealt with provided they are in writing and submitted to the Tournament Coordinator within one hour of the completion of the game.

VIII.  Length of Games

1. Duration of the game will be 50 minutes divided into two equal halves (2 x 25 min halves). All teams must be ready to start play at their scheduled time. Any delay will reduce the total game time.

IX.  Players

1.  Coaches/ Managers must enter the names and numbers of all participating players on the game sheet in a matter that will be recorded through all carbon copies (No Labels). Players not listed on the game sheet are not eligible to play. The maximum number of players that maybe listed on a game sheet is:

U11 (all divisions): 14 players
U13 (all divisions): 16 players
U15-U19 (all divisions): 20 players

All players must meet the age requirements and be listed on the team roster. Please note that players may only play for one team during the tournament. Increases to team rosters must be approved in writing or by e-mail by the Tournament Coordinator as per previous information. At no time can more than the maximum listed above dress for one game.

2. A maximum of 3 guest players are allowed per team. Movement of players is limited by one division. (Ex. U13-P can play U15-2 but not U15-3).

3. Guest players must be listed on initial team registration/roster, which is to be submitted electronically by Jan 31, 2020. They must be APPROVED prior to the tournament.

4. Playing unregistered players will result in game defaults and your Provincial Association will be notified.

X.  Player Substitution

ALL DIVISIONS: Unlimited from center on the fly

Offside (U13-U19)
- 9v9 divisions - offside in the offensive 1/3 of the field as in SSA outdoor rules
- 6v6 divisions - no offside
The 6v6 divisions (sport court or ¼ turf) will play with lined boundaries. Balls out of bounds will be restarted by goal kick, corner kick or throw-in from the sideline.

If the ball contacts the ceiling or a ceiling attached fixture, the game will be restarted directly below the point of contact by and indirect free kick by the team that was not the last to touch the ball.

XI.  Tournament Headquarters

Tournament Headquarters is located upstairs in the SaskTel Sports Centre
Headquarters Phone number: 306-612-3226
Tournament Coordinator: Lori Heggstrom

XII. Saskatchewan Laws

1.  All players eligible to play in the SUSC tournament are “minors” in the Province of Saskatchewan. Possession or use of alcohol by “minors” is illegal. Any report of use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will result in expulsion from the tournament.

2.  Any person who defaces, destroys, steals or otherwise abuses the facilities of the Admiral Tournament or any Admiral Tournament property will be expelled from the tournament. This also applies to property and possessions of the Soccer Center .

XIII. Player of the Game

At the end of each game the coach of each team shall select a player of the game from their own team.
The Player of the Game must go to the Tournament HQ to claim their award.


If for any reason your team cannot attend the 2020 SUSC Tournament, please notify Lori Heggstrom immediately at  caleb.lori@sasktel.net AND call 306-612-3226.

Email/call even if your participation is questionable or if you are considering not attending.

It is very important that you inform us immediately of your cancellation for the following reasons:

1.  Limited spaces
2.  Consideration to teams on waiting list
3.  Changes to game schedules

Teams which cancel on or prior to January 14th, 2019 will be charged a $50.00 Administration Fee.

After January 14th , 2020, NO REFUNDS will be granted to teams that have been accepted. 

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